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Cool Concept/Board Children's Books

Children love this book about a little blue pickup truck. When the brave pickup gets mired in mud while trying to push a dump truck out of trouble, some animal friends rally to help their persistent friend (includes lots of truck sounds and animal noises).
Daisy is a puppy who adores her ball above all things. Few dogs have as much fun with a ball as Daisy does. Then the unthinkable happens. Her owner takes her to play in the park and, while carousing with another dog, the ball pops!  Tragedy isn't the word for it. Daisy's life is virtually over. Then she goes back to the park and finds a new ball. This is a wordless book whose illustrations are so priceless that one doesn't need words to tell various variations of the story to a toddler who will enjoy them all.

A bear takes off to explore the world on a crazy variety of vehicles: a bicycle, a raft, a covered wagon, a steam train, a sailboat, a hot-air balloon, a carriage, and a rocket. As the bear takes  each new journey, a child goes along and discovers exciting animals, people, and places. As the bear blasts off in the rocket, the boy remains behind and calls out, "Wherever you are going, bear,/Goodbye and goodnight!" The story works well as a read-aloud. This is a Barefoot Book and its greatest strength lies in the artist's flat, colorful cartoon art. Great.

This is a terrific book with a toy father and son driving a train to its destination. Adding to the charm is the fact that the train and tracks are laid out in the bedroom of a boy who's fast asleep. This is a keeper.

Guess how much a daddy rabbit and his rabbit son love one another? A warm fuzzy book.

Parents' patience wanes after month after month of soiled diapers, and baby shows zero interest in the potty. Then this simple little book comes along and suddenly your child wants to sit on the potty and watch you leaf again and again through the pages. Going potty is fun!!

This has to be one of the first books with which you amuse your child. Disarmingly simple--just some funny animal pictures with a little rhyme about noises animals make (or not). But for a two year old, this is great stuff--the tots think it's prize-winning literature.

Who could present this age-old story of the lion and the mouse better than this magnificent artist's rendition? Children will be captured by the illustrations alone, but will also learn from the story.

This book is ideal for bedtime, the second edition of the popular Bedtime Favorites storybook collection has 19 stories to choose from. Updated story selections feature characters from Finding Nemo, Cars 2, Toy Story 3, The Lion King, and more.  Excellent production and over 250 illustrations make this a top quality book.

 These aren't exactly full blown "stories" per se, there isn't a plot or memorable storyline, but kids love them. The artwork is really interesting ...  not sure if it was drawn or molded. Illustrations include things the kids laugh at. Some like the Frog one the best, then the Pig, the Dragon, and so on...Imaginative! 

Even two- and three-year-olds love this book, and though it's just about a stuck truck, even little girls like it. The rhyming and humor makes it even fun for adults to read aloud.

A classic tale still popular. A cap salesman sold caps by wearing his whole selection atop his head. One fruitless day he lies down under a tree and, while he's asleep, some monkeys place all his caps on their heads. Pre-schoolers love the repetitive rhythms of the words as he tries to get his caps back.

A goofy book about a procession of animals going to beddy-bye. Makes going to bed really fun for kids. The down side is that you may end up reading this book in your sleep the kids'll like it so much.  

Each page has a window through which the child looks and tries to guess the picture behind it. Fun.

This is a magical story about a simple moonlight walk of a mother and daughter by the sea. The pictures portray a misty beauty as the mother enjoys watching the child do simple things with simple interaction that makes for magical memories for a mother and daughter as the years pass.

Photographs of vegetables and fruit that look like faces expressing various simple emotions. This is a great book with which to introduce emotions to your pre-schooler for the first time. A good tot conversation starter.

With her twirling pigs, fiddle-playing cows, and funny rhyming words, this author knows how to write a book with bounce that children love to hear over and over. You can't go wrong with this book.

A pigeon wants to drive the bus and keeps trying to argue the kids into letting him. He says he'll only steer, he says, "No fair!" He says, "I bet your mom would let me drive it!" In fact, he uses every crazy excuse little kids use to get what they want. But, in the end, the severely frustrated bird is not allowed. But as he leaves in a funk, he spies a huge tractor trailer and you can see his dreams taking over again. A great read-aloud. Kids can see themselves in this crazy bird.

The perfect book for all young entrepreneurs of large machinery. Excellent graphics and a fun story that will be requested again and again at bedtime. Even popular among those not planning to be building  contractors.

Can your child stick out his tongue like a frog? Puff up her cheeks like a cow? Scrunch up his nose like a monkey? Wanna see them do it?

For Spanish speakers, here is a very popular book titled Ten Little Puppies by Alma Flor Ada to help children learn to count in a delightful way, as, one by one, ten puppies disappear as the children turn the pages. Mothers will see this as very cute.

This book will even make full grown adults giggle a little. You see, Farmer Brown has departed for a vacation and has left his brother, Bob, in charge of the farm, with plenty of written instructions. However, he's warned about the troublesome duck. Sure enough, the duck begins writing in his own instructions including pizza for dinner and a movie for the cows. It's a real art writing a pre-school book that entertains adults.

This is sort of a retelling of Goldilocks. It features great illustrations of a bear cub who leaves its mother and explores a house. Children enjoy the antics as he makes a mess of things. One interesting angle is that the book has no words so the parent or child can make up the story line as they page through the book.


Crazy skeletons out on a Sunday trying to scare someone but the only ones they scare are themselves. Great Halloween book.

Doctor de Soto is a mouse dentist whose practice caters to other animals. But he draws the line with animals like foxes. However, when a fox is really suffering de Soto breaks down and helps him but must be clever enough to avoid becoming a snack for the ungrateful fox. A suspense thriller.

At 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, a few fat frogs decide to fly off on lily pads like magic carpets. More frogs join them and they whiz through town startling people and animals and even changing the channel of an elderly woman as she snoozes. A fun book with super imaginative illustrations.

One berry, two berries, pick me a blueberry...Raspberry, Jazzberry, Rassmatazzberry. Who can resist a rhyming romp through patches of all kinds of berries--even some that have never even been heard of before? Oh, go ahead and buy the book and CD. When your child reads the book to bits, you'll still have the CD to play on and on.

All the other elephants are a dull, wrinkled gray, but Elmer happens to be multi-colored. He feels conspicuous and rolls around until he's as gray as all the other elephants. But then he begins to realize something. Life just isn't quite as much fun being exactly like everybody else. A good first introduction to children being happy about who they are.


A series of cutouts that reveal different animals.

A boy plants a lone carrot seed and begins to wait. He encounters a doubting public who all doubt the seed will ever grow. In spite of grave opposition, the child remains steadfast and, what do you know, the carrot not only sprouts but grows to championship size! A first introduction to the great value of perseverance.

Another of Dr. Seuss's thrillers with his irresistible rhymes. In this book, we find weird creatures all around the house: yeps on the steps, a yottle in the bottle, a jertain in the curtain, and, of course, the wocket in my pocket. This board book should be tough enough to withstand pre-school violence, but even children a few years older can appreciate Seuss's rhyming creatures.


You can turn this catchy rhyme about pajama time into your own song. Kids will accept bedtime easier with this  pajama time rhyme.

Mr. Gumpy decides that it is a perfect day to go for a quiet outing with his little boat. However, some kids ask to join him, and, in turn, various animals climb aboard. Ultimately the boat capsizes and everyone gets dunked. However, all's well that ends well, and Mr. Gumpy invites them all to tea.

A jaunty old scarecrow and a whole bunch of happy animals live together in the Old Red Barn. And when it's time for sleep, they snore together.


A rather silly book in which every animal has the name "Bob" attached. But kids like silliness sometimes.

I think we adults take life a little too seriously at times. This is a silly story/rhyme about a woman who starts by consuming a fly and continues to eat larger and larger things, thinking it may dislodge the fly. Meanwhile, the life of the dear woman ends with the moral: Never eat anything larger than a horse. The original version won the Caldecott Award, but this one got a mass of positive reviews on Amazon. (But don't order it on Kindle)

This is sort of a weird opposite of the book just before it. A dog tries to Arf but all he can manage is a menagerie of other animal sounds. When taken to the vet, he begins to pull out various animals from the dog's mouth. George, the dog, is cured! However, on the way home, when the owner tries to show off the dog who can bark, he suddenly replies with a stately "Hello." Go figure.


A family goes on a bear hunt in a book with terrific illustrations.

Cold, lonely animals are welcomed into a stable by other animals, though it begins to grow a bit crowded. But then a mom and dad arrive with an infant and they are welcomed inside too. A warm, simple introduction for preschoolers to the Christ Child.

You decide when to introduce your child to Scarry's great book. At age three, kids will begin familiarizing themselves with various interesting things in their world. A few years later, they'll be able to identify words and count animals. Either way, it will be a favorite.


A story of a young rabbit trying to postpone bedtime by saying goodnight to everything in sight. A kids' favorite.


A badger named Frances tries every excuse in the book to avoid going to sleep. But finally she can't help falling asleep.


Not so much a story as a fun teaching tool. A true classic.

A mother duck has lost one of her ducklings. But the child gets to help her by finding the lost duckling hidden somewhere in the picture. This makes tykes feel really smart even at age two or three.


Children find nursery rhyme characters. The action and humor is what kids like.


Characters start out having a bad day, but the bad things are turned into good things.  Cool!


A hopeful teddy bear finally finds a little  girl  named Lisa who wants to take him home.


Dr. Seuss has some simple stories that show off his crazy creatures and off beat rhymes.


What's in the overstuffed overnight bag? You'll find fun stuff from A to Z.


A quiet story about the wonders a boy finds when he wakes up to a snow-covered city. Is sure to bring back poignant memories to mom and dad while it entertains the kids.


All the fun you can have with a giant red dog!

Without the splashy colors and the catchy words, this would be just an average story about the alphabet. But Bill Martin makes the alphabet letters climbing a coconut tree into as crazy and entertaining a read-aloud as you're likely to find anywhere!


Some special effects with shimmery holographs and a rainbow fish. Remember, these are amazing special effects to a pre-schooler. Marvel along with them.


The amazingly painted illustrations are really what makes this book outstanding.


A bunny keeps running away from his mother in all kinds of imaginary ways.

Nowadays are children forgetting all the favorite Mother Goose stories and poems?  Blanche Wright has a new edition with perfect ink/water color illustrations. These proven gems still enchant children.


A funny story about a mouse that keeps needing more things from a boy in order to do what comes next. The little boy finally wears out.


A little girl describes the motley array of make-believe eccentric animals who live with her. Captivating.

This is a simple book in which each page offers a different texture for kids to feel with their fingers. The young ones like feeling each texture over and over.

A stunningly colorful variation on the old story of blind men confusedly describing an elephant. In this story seven blind mice visualize very different objects as they each explore various parts. Children will enjoy the striking colors and shapes.