Doc McDuke's Books for Kids!
Questions you might have...  

1)  Doc, do you ever get tired of writing?
 I enjoy writing, but, yes, after a whole day of writing I am tired and stiff. I go do some push-ups or go for a long walk.  

2)  Doc, do you like children's books? 
Yes, I really like reading children's books myself. Some of them are fun to read and have a good story. Some of my favorite kids' books are on the Doc's Reading Club page. Check it out!  

3) Do you think I can grow up and write children's books? 
Yes, you sure can, if you really want to.  But you will have to spend some years learning how to be a good writer.  Even writing children's books takes some time and talent. However, never forget the fun you have as a kid, because then you can write books that are fun to read.  

4)  How many pages should a book be? 
There are books that are only ten or fifteen pages, but most early readers or picture books tend to be about thirty-two pages.  Of course, remember that most of each page will be filled with a picture.

5) How long does it take to write a book? 
Well, that's a hard question. I've heard of writers who wrote a brief book in only a few hours. However, even a small children's book may have taken a writer weeks to write because he or she kept changing words or even changing the story until it was perfect.  

6)  What if I don't have much money to buy books? 
Well, you know the answer to that one. Of course, your public library lets you pick out books for free. And you can keep them at home for about three weeks. If there's a book you want to have as your own, you can ask your mom and dad, and maybe they will have the money to order it for you.