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Child1st learning resources are specifically designed for right-brained learners, including visual and kinesthetic learners; those labeled with dyslexia, autism, Asperger's, and ADD; and those who struggle with reading comprehension. The multisensory materials are also effective with beginning readers, providing them with an essential foundation for success in learning. Research-based, the materials have successfully brought many failing students to grade level or beyond.
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When I started marketing online full-time a couple years ago, I still had this notion that I was going to be a millionaire overnight.

Somehow I felt that God was going to be exceptionally pleased with me and give me more success and wealth than I could imagine, and I was certain this would all happen before I reached the age of 25.  I have matured a lot as a business owner and despite many of the “overnight internet multi-millionaire” success stories you might have read, I have learned that building a business online takes time and hard work, just like any other business.

Sure… you don’t have to break your back when working online, but there are other challenges you need to overcome. It is very much a growing process!In fact, every successful marketer I have gotten to know on a personal level over the years has built their business one brick at a time (one website at a time, one client at a time, one blog post at a time, one backlink at a time, etc). I can help you with optimization and backlinks!

-Konrad Braun


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