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Christian Middle Grade Winners

Ages 10-12



Ben was the pastor's son, but he didn't exactly wear a halo. He was smart and liked to have fun. But there was something a lot deeper in Ben. He wanted  people in the church to wake up to reality and he chose some outrageous, funny, and powerful ways to do that. This is a story about Christians helping other Christians be real.


Twelve-year-old Devin was going to be captain of her school soccer team, that is, until her family moved to California. She figured the competition would be even tougher in California but, instead, her team has a coach who doesn't care and a team that is a mess. As she gets to know the girls on the team, she wonders whether she can help the team improve and begin to win some games. What character tests will she face in this discouraging situation? 

The year is 1744 and Maggie can't understand why her friend was given a slave as a Christmas present and why she treats the young slave girl so harshly. Then a Christian revival begins in that area and Maggie begins wondering how she can help her friend and the young slave. Based on true historical background.


Possibly one of the finer novels written for the young. The story is about David, a victim of a concentration camp in eastern Europe. He is given a chance to escape and told to race at all costs to safety in Denmark. He follows instructions and prays to God for protection as he makes his way against seemingly impossible odds. Teens and older would also enjoy the book very much.


This is a book that can be read to younger ages or read by older readers. The best thing about this book is that it tells the account of the Bible as one great, unified story. Most children have only received Bible truth in confusing bits and pieces. This books enables God's plan to become clear from the very beginning.

This includes all the Christian heroes from the very popular Trailblazer series by Dave and Neta Jackson. Sure, it's a bit more expensive, but if you bought each book separately, you'd pay well over $100.  With all the heroes today who are terrible role models, here are some great ones.


 Millions of people have enjoyed and benefitted greatly from Pilgrim's Progress. This book brings the story down to a kid's level. To make it even better, the illustrations are terrific, and such illustrations are needed to picture vividly for children the allegorical principles of the book. A great book for your kids.


A woman with mysterious powers confronts two girls: a princess and a shepherd's daughter and forces them to make a choice between a life of good or of evil. This story is by George MacDonald, a poor pastor/writer who influenced Tolkien and C.S. Lewis with his gift for fantasy. There is almost always a core of Christian truth in what MacDonald wrote though he usually didn't spell it out. Thus, it lends itself be read by an adult with a boy or girl so that the spiritual ideas behind the story can be wonderingly discussed.

A boy named Francis gets caught up in a street gang and he's headed down a one-way street to bad trouble. In desperation he goes to live with a farm family that had once befriended him. Is he too much trouble to accept? Check it out. A well written book.

Nathan and his grandfather love baseball. It is in this setting that they face the subject of death as a Christian views it. A moving and interesting book which will help your young ones grow up to life's true realizations.


Missionary doctor, Paul White, uses animal stories to bring out important life lessons through stories with insights that only a missionary doctor would know. White's stories were so popular that he wrote a whole series. If you like this, search for more online.



Tomboy, Bitsy Burroughs has vowed to turn over a new leaf and live at peace with everyone.  But while visiting Amelia Island, Florida with friends she butts heads with a bully. That's just the first incident, though, leading into a mystery in which Bitsy joins up with the bully and her friends to face the dark secrets of an abandoned house and a mysterious family portrait found in the house. A scary mystery ends up reminding Bitsy of the genuinely best things in life. Go to the author's website for some more books in the series:



Ben Carson was a young black child who hated school and had a very dangerous anger streak that could easily have landed him in prison well before adulthood. But then his anger scared him and he made a decision that totally changed his life. A true story that will grab you and not let go.


This is the first book based on the Left Behind series, except for children. On, the book received about 75 four and five star reviews. It is about four kids who were left behind at the Rapture, and how they met and helped each other. A few think that books like this attempt to scare people into faith in Christ, but most kids who wrote reviews did not talk about being scared. I believe you can click from here to Amazon and find the four books in this series in one or two volumes if you like.

This is an excellent true account of how the butterfly affect tied together four individuals who grew up to accomplish great things. A boy named Norman Borlaug grew up to develop super seeds that produced much more grain to feed the starving world. He was connected to Henry Wallace, who was connected to inventor, George Washington Carver, who was connected to Moses Carver. This book is spiritually based and shows how God links people together to achieve greatness.


One of the strong points about this book of Bible stories is that it does not dumb down the stories for kids. It contains a vast array of stories and they are told in detail. However, perhaps the most remarkable thing about the book is that pre-schoolers can understand the stories and beg for more, and an adult who is unfamiliar with the Bible can read through the volume and benefit greatly. This is an amazing feat for a writer.

This is a folktale which illustrates the importance of godly wisdom. Your child will enjoy the story and benefit at the same time.



Well known Christian author, Brendan Manning, writes a captivating story about Willie Juan, a lonely boy who is disabled and thinks that no one cares. Then he meets a "medicine man" who gently helps him and shows kindness to him. Willie learns of acceptance and unconditional love and finally trusts this mysterious individual known as Jesus.



The rich illustrations of the book alone are worth more than its price. The book illustrates that the entire Bible is really about Jesus. On a child's level, the book shows how even parts of the Old Testament look forward to the coming of Christ.



Before his mother's death, Scarboy was told stories about the former great king who ruled their city. Then the evil Enchanter took over and all the people lived in fear. They slept during the day and crept around at night. All people with scars or imperfections of any kind are thrown out of the city. One day, Scarboy and his little brother escape from the city and find Great Park, a place of peace and acceptance. This story will also enchant your child.

This is a story set in Medieval times. A young boy doesn't even know his name, he's been known only as Asta's boy. What's even worse is that he is accused of a crime which makes him fair game to be killed by anyone. He finally learns his name is Crispin. His simple prayer to God is, "Let me play the music well. Let me be a credit to my master. And I beg Thee, let me have a soul, that I too may sing and dance."  A gruff man named Bear meets Crispin and shows a mercy that is disguised well. Twists and turns and a  dangerous climax make this a page turner for kids.


When an angel is sent to earth to discover a new song for the King, he meets a young boy with many questions. Together, they begin to seek out the answers. Part of the helpful Tell Me Why series.


This is a great daily devotional for pre-teens and young teens. It is written in a right-from-wrong format that assists kids to make their own decisions based on what the Bible teaches. It touches on the real, gritty topics kids wrestle with every day. Very helpful.


Jansci and his cousin, Kate race across the picturesque plains of Hungary and experience great adventure. May not be overtly Christian but good, clean fiction written very well.


As girls hit the tween ages, they struggle with things like puberty, cramps, diet and exercise. This is the perfect book to help Christian girls through this touchy period. Girls love it.

dentify with difficult emotions that every young person must somehow learn to understand and master.