Doc McDuke's Books for Kids!

 Special Children's books for Christian Kids

Ages 7-9

This collection is entitled Max Lucado's Children's Treasury. It includes four stories, including Just in Case You Ever Wonder, A Princess Story, and Jacob's Gift. Stories your kids will love.


Reviewers all seem to love this book about kids on a desert island. It isn't the typical terrifying account of danger around every palm. It is more of a happy story where things go right and the boys and girls are excellent role models. Especially girls said that this was their favorite book when growing up.


In this story, the moon starts getting a big head because he thinks he shines more brightly than any heavenly body. But then he learns that he only reflects the light of the sun and this is a humbling experience.  This is a well done book for kids, teaching the lesson of humility, and the fact that all we have comes from God.

Will is a lovable, mighty superhero who leaps tall buildings, saves his sister from a ferocious beast (his dog, Ralph). Then Will discovers some important truths about spiritual armor so he can be a true superhero through Christ. Fantastic artwork.

This is a wonderful story from which can come a number of great discussions with young kids. Three trees end up being used by various purposes, but the one who feels the most worthless is honored with the greatest purpose. Buy it for the entrancing story as well as the lessons.

Halfway Herbert never completes anything.  Homework remains half done, his room stays covered with a thin film of dust, and dinner is never finished.  Halfway Herbert somehow gets by. But when he tells a half-truth, he learns the importance of honesty and of following God with all his heart.

This is based on a true story about a group of black young people who were part of the first school for freed black slaves after the war. They form a singing group and begin touring, but don't gain much popularity until they begin singing the wonderful black spirituals. Crowds flock to hear the spirituals, and they end up singing for Queen Victoria and President Grant.


Ella gets sick and has to take horrible-tasting medicine. When she asks why, her grandpa tells her a story about a kingdom where people drank from a well they'd been warned to stay away from, and their hearts began turning to stone. The king asked his son, the prince, if he will drink from a poisoned well in order to save all the people. A good story illustrating what Jesus did for us.


This is a rhyming story about a place called Stiltsville where all the Too-Smalls live. Every evening the Too-Smalls go to the city square to see if they're clever, or funny, or pretty enough to be given stilts, so they can walk above everyone else. Then Ollie, the smallest of the smalls, learns that it really doesn't matter to Jesus whether you're the most talented or handsome. Jesus tells him, "Keep your feet on the ground. You matter already."



Sammy is a lamb and he's got the best shepherd of all. Based on Psalm 23, Sammy tells about all the ways his shepherd is great. But then the shepherd buys a lamb from another flock and she is scared to death that her new shepherd will be as cold and nasty as the last one. But the shepherd names her Precious and Precious begins to learn what a shepherd is really supposed to be like. Teaches some great lessons about Jesus as shepherd.


This is a treasure of a story about the good times a child spent with his grandpa. This would be the perfect book for a parent to use as encouragement for a kid to be even closer to his grandfather, or it could be a story shared between a granddad and his grandson.

The words of the book are taken from the Bible's Love Chapter. The pictures make all the difference as they display, both examples of people loving others and examples of doing the opposite. Could be read and discussed by an adult with young children or read and applied by older children.



This book is titled The Crippled Lamb. Because Joshua, the lamb was a bit different, he got left behind in a dirty stable in this dumb little town called Bethlehem. But he eventually learns that he got to stay in the best place of all.


This book is actually a parents' treat that may also get some laughs from the kids. It may also encourage your kids to be totally honest and trusting in their prayers to God. It's a collection of the moving, funny, honest, and wonderful prayers of real children.