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Terrific Children's Book Titles
  Ages 6-8

        A squire serves his knight through dangerous trials until the climax, when they face a mighty dragon. Who will win and how? Children will learn important facts about temptation and how to face it in this exciting tale.

A curious little boy asks the king, "Why do we have shadows? What are they for?" The king begins searching for the answer and discovers there is only one King without a shadow, One who has absolutely no darkness in Him.

The Jesus Storybook Bible' says it all: The Scriptures are not merely a collection of stories designed to teach moral lessons. As Jesus explained to the men walking the road to Emmaus on Resurrection Sunday, the whole Bible is about Jesus.  Every story whispers his name... This book comes resoundingly recommended as a book that comes full circle, teaching children that all-important lesson that Jesus can be found throughout the Bible's pages. 

A wise man named Shaddai builds a perfect village for his children. It has food, and fun, and everything else they need. It also has a wall around it. Paladin, the village's most curious child begins wondering about the wall and what's outside. Paladin makes a choice and Shaddai makes a sacrifice, and it all teaches a very valuable lesson.

This book could be enjoyed by and could benefit a wide age range. It's a story about a bumblebee who is rejected by the other bees because he's so huge, and he eats so much, and he's so awkward and clumsy. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the book is the two page spread in the back in which actual truths are brought up about what a bumblebee is capable of doing that defies aeronautical rules as well as a few others. Then there are great discussion questions an adult could use to discuss with children how even their seemingly negative points can actually be blessings in disguise, bringing out the point that everyone is made for a reason.
Children love this younger children's version of Lass, the pure-bred border collie, that is rescued from her unhappy life in the city by a guy named Phillip, who owns a sheep ranch. There Lass learns about trust, obedience, and faithfulness under the patient guidance of her new master. Through Phillip's unfailing love, Lass is transformed from a wild pet into a magnificent sheepdog.

At birth, a king and queen present their infant daughter with a priceless gift: a kiss to keep or give away. The wise princess waits for years to find the right prince to give her gift to. With kids being exposed to "falling in love" so young, this is a good truth to begin teaching.

Sometimes, even by adolescence, kids today do not understand themselves at all. This book presents the four personalities through a story about four animals: an otter, a beaver, a golden retriever, and a lion. This helps children begin to understand what makes them tick and how to get along with others.

Punchinello, a wooden Wemmick, thinks he's worthless because of all the things people say about him. In this charming story, Punchinello learns that he is important, even though he is far from perfect. This can help any child realize that he or she should ignore negative things people say or ways they act.

In a story about baseball, camping and facing your fears, the author shows that God is always there to help with kid challenges.

Zena is a very young author, and I thought I'd encourage her by including her book on my site. What would you do if the one you fear the most tried to take everything away that you hold dear? Did you know that angels are real and the Bible says they help humans?

Benjamin is a boy growing up during Jesus' time. He decides to follow this man, Jesus, around because he's curious. First, he thinks Jesus is a teacher, then a king, then...well, he finds out the best thing about Jesus and it's a story for the ages.

Nicer clothes, bigger toys, more stuff!  That's what most people think life is all about. But life is about more than all that. Read this story to see what's really important. 

In a blistering hot desert, the only pure, cool water comes from old Tobias, the Watermaster. But when Tobias has to leave on a long journey the people must learn how to get the water that he gave so freely. This story teaches kids about grace, gifts that God hands out just because He loves us so much.

In the 1930s, there were pack horse librarians, people who cared so much about books that they transported them to rural areas like the Appalachian hills. Cal, a young boy who doesn't read, finds in the book carriers a lifeline---a hunger to read these books that look so interesting. This is just a clean, decent story about a boy's life and books.

This is a playful children's story about a boy who wants to find out why God allows bad days. It helps children to explore why things sometimes go wrong in life and why God lets stuff happen.

Jonathan, the best wood carver in the valley, is also a real grouch. He doesn't seem to like anyone. But then a widow and her son come near Christmas time and ask Jonathan to make something for them. Will he turn them away, or will he break down and help? Will it make any difference?

A young African American boy loses his dad and this book tells about the whole range of emotions he feels as he faces this stark event. It even includes an angry stage that some, but not all, children would fight at the death of a parent. This is an ideal book to share with a child who's lost a loved one or parent. Even good for older kids and adults.

This is a fictionalized children's version of the childhood of Harriet Tubman, later a leader in freeing slaves through the Underground Railway. The storyline and illustrations should bring slavery to the level of a child's understanding. Good to discuss with your child after reading.

Here's a story you can use to bridge a discussion about illness, why some people die, and others don't-- the fact that God allows painful things sometimes even though he loves us. This story is about a fun, creative teacher who faces cancer and survives. Not overtly Christian.

This is a moving story about a little girl who goes to the city to live with her uncle during the Great Depression. Her uncle is not a very nice man. He's all about baking but his niece loves to grow things. She finds a secret place where she can grow her plants. You won't regret buying this book.

This is the perfect book for daddy and daughter to share as their special book. It pictures dad as king who admires various Jesus-like qualities that his daughter reflects in her young activities each day.