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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs, for young teens on up


As a kid, Jacob developed a special bond with his granddad over his bizarre tales and photos of levitating girls and invisible boys. Now at age 16, he is reeling from the old man's unexpected passing. Then the boy is given a mysterious letter that propels him on a pilgrimage to the remote Welsh island where his grandfather grew up. There, he finds the kids from the haunting photographs--alive and well--despite the islanders’ claim that all were murdered decades before. As Jacob begins to unravel more about his grandfather’s childhood, he suspects he is being tailed by a monster only visible to him. A haunting and out-of-the-ordinary book is convincing and absorbing, and every detail that draws our eye is cleverly woven into an unforgettable story line. Uniquely illustrated.  Now there’s also a new book by this promising author.