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National Geographic's Kids' First Big Book of Space

This fabulous book is the newest addition to the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series. These splashy pages will introduce young kids to the wonders of space, with colorful illustrations by David Aguilar and simple text by Catherine Hughes, that's just right for beginning readers or as a read-aloud. The book will explain basic facts of space, beginning with what is most familiar to kids and expanding out into the universe.Chapters cover: • Chapter 1 is about the Earth, moon, and sun.  • Chapter 2 introduces kids to other planets within  solar system.  • Chapter 3 describes other objects in our solar system, such as dwarf planets, comets, and asteroid belts.  • Chapter 4 voyages even light-years further, touching on concepts such as the universe, the Milky Way, stars, galaxies, and even black holes.  • The last chapter touches on space exploration: humans on the moon's surface, spaceships, the International Space Station, etc.