Doc McDuke's Books for Kids!

One Cool Friend, Buzzeo

 Elliot is courteous; he even wears a bow tie. But he is not enthused when his father suggests attending Family Fun Day at the aquarium. But once he arrives, he is lured inexplicably to the Magellanic penguins, whose neato ebony feather tuxedos with their proper posture remind Elliot of yours truly. So he decides to hide one and cart it home in his backpack, figuring his father won't know. Once home, Elliot and his new penguin pal dine on ice cold anchovy pizzas, share Goldfish crackers, and skate on a tiny ice rink in his room (made with a wading pool and hose)—meanwhile his father is naively engaged with his atlas, maps, and charts and appears not to notice the extracurriculars. This is a funny story that captivates imaginations.