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This site features hundreds of the best children's books available, both secular and Christian. Select and buy books easily by age group and story description!  Reading is one of the most important skills any child can gain. If children can read, there's no limit to how much they can learn, no matter what their schooling or how poor it might be. Most teachers, parents, and grandparents would love to know which books attract the most readers. Which books are so terrific they can even change book-haters into book-lovers?  I have devoted a huge amount of time finding hundreds of the finest children's books:  top picks, award winners, best loved classics and best sellers.  The books are divided by age group and each book is described briefly. You can click on a book's icon and complete your order within a few minutes. If your child enjoys a book on this site, encourage him or her to contact me with a sentence or two about why they liked it. I'll place their reviews on the Doc's Reading Club page.                                                                                                                    


 Emily is a sick girl. She has something wrong with her heart. On top of that, her dad's face was burned in a fire so he doesn't like people to see his face. These problems would be enough to make most people sad and upset all the time.Find out how Emily shows how brave she really is.  Do you think you could be as courageous?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Sometimes people say or do things that we don't understand. We think they're being cruel and maybe trying to hurt our feelings. But sometimes that isn't true. They may not even know they've hurt our feelings. In this story, Abigail thinks someone has been mean to her, but is it really true? Read this book to find out.  
 This website contains some of the best books for growing kids. The website builder has searched far and wide to find some of the finest and most popular books for children from pre-school through mid-teen.We hope that teachers, children, parents, and grandparents will enjoy ordering these books directly from this site and reading them at their leisure.